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Monday, June 5, 2023
Dear Friends,

As travel continues to rebound and become a little more predictable, we continue to add new single-day and multi-day tours to our schedule. Due to the ongoing challenging and fluid travel environment we now live in, along with suppliers finalizing events and pricing much later, releasing tours much closer to departure (1-6 months) allows us to better ensure we can deliver to our guests what we advertise.

In 2023 we celebrate our 32nd year! All those years of knowledge and tour planning experience was put to the test the last 3+ years  and 2023 has been no different! You can put your trust in us knowing we are experts in travel planning and now have years of experience of planning travel during a global pandemic and the ongoing challenges it created for the hospitality and tourism industry!

We in turn thank you – our guests – for your continued understanding and flexibility both prior to and while on tour with us. While they are traits always needed while traveling, they are needed now more than ever! While we make every effort to operate our tours as outlined in the itinerary, we ask for your patience and to retain a sense of adventure while traveling with us. Situations may arise that necessitate changes to the itinerary. Should we need to adjust the itinerary either prior to or while on tour, these changes will be communicated to you and only done when absolutely necessary. 

While it’s certainly more challenging planning travel in this ever-changing environment, we are proud of the way our team has navigated the many challenges to provide new experiences and create new memories for our guests while on the road. We have received tremendous positive feedback from our guests regarding our transparency and updates with any necessary changes to their itinerary and our onboard health and wellness measures designed to keep our guest’s health, well-being and enjoyment our number one priority.

To ensure a healthy and enjoyable experience for all guests, our tours are operating with additional health and wellness measures in place. These measures include but are not limited to the following:

What We’re Doing to Protect You

•Increased air filtration (MERV 13 filters) and cleaning onboard the motorcoach.

•Hand sanitization available each time you board the motorcoach. Please sanitize often and wash your hands whenever possible.

•Tour directors trained to deny boarding of any guests that show symptoms of being sick and the expulsion of any guests that appear ill while on tour. Expelled guests are responsible for arranging transportation back to their vehicle at their own expense and no refund/credit will be available for any unused portions of the tour. As always, your tour director is there to remove many of the “touch points” involved in travel including the hotel check-in and expedited entry into restaurants, museums and attractions.

What We Ask of You

•Take personal responsibility for your own health and well-being and consider the well-being of other guests onboard by not traveling when ill. Please don’t board the motorcoach if you’ve had a fever, had chills, a cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, loss of taste/smell or other symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu (or tested positive or been diagnosed for any illness) during the 7 days prior to departure.

•Should you develop any symptoms while on tour, notify the tour director immediately.

•Follow all protocols to reduce the spread of illness, as well as those established by any and all governmental agencies/businesses with jurisdiction over the area(s) we will visit. Our established measures may change and your tour director will provide the most up-to-date information.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

•Wear a face mask while onboard the motorcoach, airplanes, trains and in other indoor places where there are a number of people in close confines. Face masks, especially N95 masks – in addition to vaccination – provide the best protection against COVID-19, the flu, colds and other airborne illnesses. Guests should travel with a face mask as specific municipalities and businesses may require them for entry.

•Purchase travel protection – a small investment not only protects your funds, but provides countless benefits and peace of mind since travel protection can provide a refund for specific reasons including illness.

One of the best parts of traveling is the dreaming, the planning and the anticipation of departing. Take a look at our growing line-up of 2023 tours on this website and start dreaming! Because release new single-day and new multi-day tours often, and because those that we do release tend to fill quickly, we don't have a printed catalog. We update our travelers via our website and via our weekly e-mailer. Be sure you are subscribed to receive our e-mailer in order to receive the latest news and tours as they become available.

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