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Since the beginning, Good Times Travel has always relied on word of mouth as our primary marketing tool. Have you recently been on a tour or have something to share? We'd love to hear about it and may post it here for others to see. Take a look at the testimonials below or read what travelers have to say about us on Yelp and Trip Advisor:


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Testimonials from Previous Guests

Wow, love the new website and can’t wait to explore it.




Hello Bree,

Thank you arranging a wonderful tour of JPL on Friday, October 27. Every person enjoyed it thoroughly. The bus videos really enhanced the tour.

Allen was an terrific tour guide, knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, and he brought treats! Our bus driver, Alvin, did a great job with the traffic and was personable. Excellent service all around.

Thank you for making it happen! What a special day. I look forward to working with you on future tours.

Best, Ann




I wanted to let you know what a good time we all had on the trip yesterday. With Amy our fantastic tour guide she kept it fun and entertaining and Isabel getting us there up and back safely. The train ride was just beautiful   It was one of those trips that you can bottle up and keep forever in your memories.l. So much fun. Everything was just perfect.  What a fantastic day. Looking forward to future adventures.

Thank you both again for a trip to remember




 Hi Dustin,

Wanted to let you know how wonderful your tour guide Allen was during my recent tour on 5-30-23 (to The Broad and the last Book Store). He was professional, well-organized, informative, and excelled in managing our large group (a full bus load). His enthusiasm and stories made the trip so interesting and enjoyable. He was very thoughtful and respectful. I hope he will be leading more single-day and even mutli-day tours. A great tour guide like Allen makes all the difference!

Thank you!

April Steiger



Hi Folks,

I want you to know how much my guest, Chris, and I enjoyed the July 14 Bastille Day music trip to Disney Hall.

I didn't get to fill out a response card that day.  It was my first trip with Good Times.  We enjoyed it so much and I will do it again asap.  Chris lives in So. Carolina and said she wished they had a tour group opportunity like that close to her.

Helga and Jose were just wonderful.  They are both experienced, caring and very friendly and helpful.

I am not a "bus person" but #444 was like riding on a 747 in business class!  I really appreciated not having to fight traffic to downtown LA or find a parking place.  The lecture and concert were excellent.  We enjoyed a perfectly acceptable lunch at Disney without having to walk in the heat and find a nearby restaurant.

I understand now while many of my friends suggested I try Good Times.  Looking forward to next time.


Jackie Craver



My friend, Jeanette DeNucci, and I took the day trip to Pasadena yesterday for “Home for the Holidays”.  We thoroughly enjoyed the trip but, more importantly, enjoyed Amy as our guide.  She was so pleasant, informative, and kept the narrative to a minimum so we could visit with each other while on the road.  
Thank you, Amy, for making our day even more special by attending to our needs, keeping us “on time” and allowing us time in the bus to visit with one another…a great way to meet more travelers….
Claudette Ruzicka



Dear Good Times Travel,

Another great trip because of Jasmin. She gave us all this history that she researched in a fun manner.  I have lived in the Valley practically all my life and I did not know half the things she told us about Ventura.  I worked at Warner Bros. for 30 years and didn't know any of the facts about Sherwood Lake, forest  and films that have been shot there etc. It is soooo enlightening to travel with her.  She also gave us facts about Santa Ynez and Solvang.  We already knew 2 words in Danish and we were able to impress our tour guide in Solvang.

How she got a full bus of tourist into the tiny restaurant and out on time and we all had plenty of time to eat and some of us to shop a little was amazing also. 

Kathy Seifert



I have now gone on 2 day tours with Jasmin, her research and notes for us all are OUTSTANDING!!  I have booked 3 more tours with her!
You have an excellent employee!

Paula Kinports




On Wed the 23rd, I took your day tour to the Maloof House, tea and Graber Olives. I have taken many of your day trips over the last 10 or more years, but this one was extra special.  Your tour guide, Jasmin was excellent - we loved her exhuberance and she made the trip very enjoyable.  Plus, seeing the beautiful woodworking of Sam Maloof was very special - such a talented man. We were dazzled by all his accomplishments.  The tea at Barbara's was one of the best (I have been to the Chado in Pasadena and the Four Seasons in Sierra Madre - both w/Good Times.)  The last 2 mentioned were good, but Barbara's is definitely the best of the 3. And the visit to Graber's was the icing on the cake, so to  speak.
Keep up the good work on your varied selections for day tours.  My friends are I are particularly interested in touring historic homes and art museums.

Thanks again,

Dorothy Grant Nowak



I had a wonderful time on this trip. Curt and his team are the best, everything always goes so smoothly with them and Jay was super as usual. The only fly in the ointment was when I went to start my car, I had a dead battery!!! But thanks to your staff member Rachel, I was able to get home. She had jumper cables and offered to help me jump my battery and get home safe and sound. Thank you Rachel you are a credit to your employer. 

A very satisfied customer, 

Karen Y



Dear Dustin, 
I'm taking the time, in this case the extra, extra time to write you in behalf of Gus Celaya and myself because we were so impressed with your tour director Jasmin!  This was our first time with Jasmin and she was outstanding!  She took such good care of all of us and also entertained us with such fun and interesting facts and information about what we were seeing with enthusiasm and never spending too much time or too little time...but just right. Jasmin went around the tables while at dinner, not once but several times, making sure we were all well, happy and having everything we wanted and needed.  Such dedication to us all! Gus and I feel she is a true asset to Good Times Travel!  Please, let her know how we feel.  She deserves to be acknowledged for her work ethics, her patience and caring so much for her group. As the year is coming to an end, Dustin, both Gus and I wish you, your family, the Good Times Travel staff and their families a great, successful, happy and healthy new year!


Martha and Gus 



I'd like to let you know, that Amy was a refreshing, pleasant, informative, instructive tour guide, she not only gave us the necessary information to have a great trip, she kept it short, repeated pleasantly (for those who seemed to be talking during her instructions)  Was on the ball about and used visual aids when needed to reinforce her instructions. I'd take trips knowing she was the guide! You have a real winner here!  

Kate and Jackie Clark



I want to compliment you on your choice of tour guides, Jasmin.  I have been taking tours through Glendale College for a while now, and I always look forward to your tours.  Half the reason is Jasmin.  She makes these tours fun and interesting.  She has a great deal of excitement for life and it shows.  She has a great deal of knowledge about the places we will see.  She shares interesting facts.  Also, she is always there making sure everyone is fine and checks to see if there is anything she can do for us to make our trip more enjoyable.  She also makes it a point to speak to everyone individually and to get to know our names.  She works very hard to make sure we are happy.  She is a great asset to your company and to the enjoyment of my trips.

I certainly hope she is my tour guide for all my trips.  Without her, the trip really is not as fun.

Karen Becker




I would like to add my letter of praise and thank you to the many you have already received about two of your employees, driver Bob and tour leader "J". I was on the "Restored, Reopened and Resplendent" tour on June 24, 2014.  Bob moved the bus efficiently and smoothly through some very difficult traffic. Jay handled the the one incident on the trip, a guest had a medical problem, and he handled it professionally and smoothly. His handling of the entire tour was very friendly and professional. Please extend my "Thank you" to both of these fine representatives of Good Times Travel.

Respectfully Submitted,

James M. Lisanti



Just want to say what a wonderful time (once again) I had yesterday with Jasmin as the tour guide – the trip was fantastic and of course she always makes it a perfect day.  You have found the “diamond in the rough” as they say to have her – she cares so much about each person on the trip always making sure we are well taken care of.

Thanks again!!

Zenia Jungowsk



Just a word regarding Amy who was our Tour Guide to Walt Disney's Concert Hall. She was TERIFFIC!  I travled with you many times and I can truthfully say that she was "The Best".  She was so vey well informed, kind, understanding,( since most all of us were Seniors!), so totally conscious of our safety.  And last but not least, spoke so well, every word and sentence could be heard and understood!  She deserves everyone's compliments.


Ella Aasen



Good Morning,
Having just returned from one of your day trips we decided to write a short note to say "thank you" for the great time we all had. A group of us went to the Huntington Library on May 10th and we all agreed that it was enjoyable from beginning-to-end. It started with being warmly greeted as we prepared to board the bus; your employees looked happy to be there and ready for a great day. The ride was very comfortable and we arrived at the Huntington Library in record time, thanks to your great driver. Our Tour Guide, Victoria, was bubbly and genuinely friendly. We enjoyed the information she shared about art and some of the interesting history behind the Huntington Library. We felt well taken care of that day. We arrived back at Good Times Travel on time and happy for having had a wonderful outing. We look forward to another great trip with your organization and, maybe, we will be fortunate enough to have Victoria for our Tour Guide again! 

Kindest regards,

Earnie, Nancy, Carol & Howard



I had the great fortune to have been given a trip to the Palm Springs Follies last Thursday as a birthday present. Our little group had the best time ever. They were on time, Jasmine kept us entertained with her quick wit & humor; and Eddie was an excellent driver. This is my first experience going with a guided tour and it certainly won't be my last. Thank you Good Times Travel for your selection of our guide & driver.

Charlotte Heyn



I have joined the 3 Single Tours that you have with the Glendale Community College namely (Fillmore Murder Mystery, Follies at Palm Springs and San Diego Rail & Sail).  I just have gone to the San Diego Rail & Sail over the weekend. It was the Perfect Day to do this fun trip.  We all had wonderful time :-).
I would like you to know that our Tour Director Jasmin has been so awesome, great, courteous, knowledgeable, funny, (I can put all the compliments I can think of) in all the trips I have joined.  I dont only speak for myself but I firmly believe that the other passengers feel the same way for Jasmin.  In addition, Beverly - the Driver was also great & superb driver. She drove us to and from our destination safely and she is blessed to have a steady hand & watchful eyes that no one gets hurt as she passed by.  Jazmine & Beverly are truly an asset to your travel agency.  Big applause and hooray for these 2 wonderful ladies!!! :-). 
I will be joining the Adventures in Lake Arrowhead Tour on July 28, 2014 trhough Glendale Community College and hope that Jasmin & Beverly will be with us on this trip. 

Again, thank you and glad that you are there for these Single Fun Day Trips. 


Elizabeth Morales



I recently took the day trip to the Getty Museum and could not have had a better day. Helga, our guide, was so cordial and well-informed about the events of the day. I would sign up for any tour she guides. Our driver Beverly is the absolutely the best I have experienced on any of your tours. Thank you so much for continuing the wonderful day trips.

Suzy Hutton



The Animals & The Abbey tour was a good tour. The animal sanctuary was different than the usual place. The Abbey has all new buildings since we were there several years ago.. Beautiful place.. Good docent tour.. Lunch was good at a different place.. I'd do the trip again..

Marie Trotter



The Animals & The Abbey tour was great. The animals I found very interesting and such stories of how they were rescued. We got to pet most of them, the tour was terrific. Charlie Brown's lunch was outstanding. I never heard of it before, it was delicious. The monastery which I have been to before was it's usual wonderful place. The monk who gave us the tour, Father Patrick was very personable. He showed us the chapel then how the ceramics were made. One of the workers even stayed late to show us how they were made. I have collected many over the years and it was so interesting to see how the process of how they were made. Allen was his usual very informative guide.

It was a wonderful day.



We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on the Best of China Trip. The itinerary was fantastic, the tour guides were exceptional - especially Mary in Beijing & Alan on the entire trip. The hotels were definitely 5 Star Fantastic & in great locations. The whole China experience was exciting & unforgettable! Thank you so much! We are highly recommending Good Times Travel to all of our friends and acquaintances.

Xie xie

Mike & Dorene Reed



I went on a GTT trip last Saturday (Holy Land Exhibition) with Helga, our tour director. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. HELGA was absolutely wonderful, kind, patient, and very informative. I have had her before on past trips and enjoyed her just as much.  Thanks so much for sharing her with your clients. She makes travelling very enjoyable and educational!!!

Miriam Matulich



I want to send a shout out for Jasmine, with whom I traveled to Palm Springs on Saturday. She was organized, gave abundant information, counted and cared for one and all, was friendly and fun, and provided excellent travel service.  

Janet King



The name of their business “Good Times Travel” really says it all. Traveling with Good Times Travel is the best! I have to interesting places, learned new things and met very nice people and have had lots of fun!
Good Times Travel goes out of their way to accomodate you in every way. You are not just another client, you become a part of the Good Times Traveling family. Keep traveling!


Sandy Andrew



We just got our parents a gift certificate for Christmas and we know there's nothing they'd rather have! At their ages, they have every "thing" they could possibly need. What they love, are all their adventures, memories and people they have met on thier Good Times trips!

Kathy Brandt



Fran and I were very impressed with that trip out to the Goldstone (JPL) Deep Space Center. Everything went off perfectly. The bus, bus driver and the tour guide were first class. The tour guide was a geography/geology teacher at L.B. City College so we had a first class rundown on the geologic structure from start to finish. The docent, Carla, was a real pro at making space program come alive. She was able to make the subject easily understandable at all levels. And the 70 meter dish was really something to see. When we were looking at one of the other dishes, a 35 metered one, all of a sudden it started to rotate and tip all the way over so we could see right inside the dish. I think Carla had something to do with that although she pleaded innocence. It was well worth the time and money. The weather was cool high overcast so the temperstures were perfect.

Biill & Fran Brannon



This is a late testimonial, but I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed the Southern Charm trip last March to Charleston and Savannah. Everything was first class, hotels, meals, tours. Helga, our tour guide, was outstanding. Our bus driver drove so carefully in all sorts of weather, including torrential rains, and was a true gentleman all the way. We've done many day trips with you and always enjoyed them. This was our first longer one. We've traveled many times with another group that we've loved, but I have to say you measure right up there. We'll be doing more trips soon.

Jeanette Fratto



Dear Dustin,

I thank you for all of the trip pictures and Happy Times' memories. What a fantastic world I have through GTT!

Janet King



My day trip to Joshua Tree National Park on March 24 was informative and enjoyable. Tina did a wonderful job explaining the different plants and rocks we found in the area and I learned more from this trip than the hundred hours I spent sitting for my Geology classes years ago. Thank you Tina and Umberto for making sure we all had a great time.

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