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Traveling Together Safely...

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Dear Friends,

With the announcement this morning from the CDC/TSA that they are no longer enforcing the travel mask order, masks are not required while onboard the motorcoach as of April 19, 2022. As stated on our Wellness Pledge, “Face masks are required onboard the motorcoach, trains, airplanes and other modes of transportation as long as the federal mandate remains in place.” Because the mandate is no longer in place, masks are no longer required onboard the motorcoach.
Along with the CDC and public health experts, we recommend and encourage our guests to wear face masks while onboard the motorcoach, airplanes, trains and in other indoor places where there are a number of people in close confines – even if a mask requirement may not be in place. Face masks, especially N95 masks – in addition to vaccination – provide the best protection against COVID-19, the flu, colds and other airborne illnesses.

Please note that other health and wellness protocols are still in place while on tour with us including full COVID-19 vaccination of all guests, tour directors, drivers and step-on guides, frequent hand washing/sanitization, MERV 13 air filters and a required signed Wellness Pledge from all guests prior to boarding the motorcoach. In addition, all guests should still travel with a face mask as specific municipalities and businesses may still require them.
From the beginning of this pandemic we have been consistent in enforcing policies that are in line with federal, state and local policies and we’ve had protocols in place that take into account our business model and the demographic of our guests. We will continue to keep our guest’s health, well-being and enjoyment our number one priority and continue to communicate any further changes to our protocols as necessary.

As travel continues to rebound, we continue to actively add new single-day and multi-day tours to this website every week and will continue to do so on a weekly basis. Due to this challenging and fluid travel environment we now live in, releasing tours much closer to departure (1-3 months) allows us to better ensure we can deliver what we advertise.
In 2022 we celebrate our 31st year! All those years of knowledge and tour planning experience was put to the test in 2021 and 2022 will be no different! You can put your trust in us knowing we are experts in travel planning and now have 2+ years of experience of planning travel during a global pandemic and the challenges it created for the hospitality and tourism industry! 

We in turn thank you – our guests – for your continued understanding, patience and flexibility both prior to and while on tour with us. While they are traits always needed while traveling, they are needed now more than ever! While you are undoubtedly excited for your tour, you may also have some questions and concerns as we all realize that traveling in this new environment will be an ongoing and evolving experience.
First and foremost, know that we will continue to keep our guests' health, well-being and enjoyment our number one priority by being very intentional and gradual in our approach to our health and wellness measures and our itineraries in this new environment. We will continue to follow CDC, state and local guidelines and adjust our health and wellness measures based on these guidelines and recent trends. And because we know good times begin with peace of mind, we want you to know that for the time being our tours will operate with a number of additional health and wellness measures in place including but not limited to the following:

Required vaccination of all guests, tour director, driver and step-on guides boarding the motorcoach

Increased air filtration (MERV 13 filters) and cleaning onboard the motorcoach

Our travel partners such as hotels, restaurants, attractions and guide services will be following similar protocols and following guidelines provided by the CDC, state and county in which they do business

Required signed Wellness Pledge from each guest prior to boarding the motorcoach (this document will be sent prior to departure and the tour director always has extras as well.

In addition, while traveling with us, we recommend the following: 

Travel with at least one face mask as face masks may be required by specific municipalities and businesses.

Wear a face mask while onboard the motorcoach, airplanes, trains and in other indoor places where there are a number of people in close confines – even if a mask requirement may not be in place. Face masks, especially N95 masks – in addition to vaccination – provide the best protection against COVID-19, the flu, colds and other airborne illnesses.

Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it often in addition to washing your hands whenever possible

Be prepared to follow all established health and wellness measures for the duration of the tour and ensure all members of your traveling party are prepared to do the same

Keep in mind that our established measures may change due to this ever-changing environment we now live in and your tour director will provide the most up-to-date information

Purchase travel protection, either through NTA/AON or through any other travel protection company – a small investment not only protects your funds, but provides countless benefits and peace of mind since travel protection can provide a full refund for specific reasons including illness

One of the best parts of traveling is the dreaming, the planning and the anticipation of departing. Take a look at our line-up of 2022 tours on this website and start dreaming! Because we are releasing new single-day and new multi-day tours often, and because those that we do release waitlist fairly quickly, we don't have a printed catalog. We update our travelers via our website and via our weekly e-mailer. Be sure you are subscribed to receive our e-mailer in order to receive the latest news and tours as they become available.

In spite of the challenges and minor inconveniences, traveling is as fun and memorable as ever! It provides a much needed change of pace and scenery along with social interaction that is so important during what can be a very lonely time. We understand that each of you will be ready to return to travel with us at different times depending on your own comfort level, but know that once that time comes, Good Times Travel will be here ready to welcome you back onboard.

While it’s certainly more challenging planning travel in this ever-changing environment, we are proud of the way our team has navigated through the many challenges to provide new experiences and create new memories for our guests back on the road. We have received tremendous positive feedback from our guests regarding our transparency and continual updates with any necessary changes to their itinerary or our onboard health and wellness measures. We will continue to do that and invite you to reply with any questions or concerns you may have regarding traveling with us.

Let the good times roll!

Good Times Travel


Health & Wellness Measures

Each guest that travels with us deserves a memorable and fulfilling experience. To ensure a healthy and enjoyable travel experience, we have implemented a number of additional health and safety measures including the following:

Required Vaccination
Each guest traveling with us (as well as the tour director and driver) must be fully vaccinated and have proof of such vaccination to show when required. 

Wellness Pledge & Release of Liability Agreement
All guests are required to sign our Wellness Pledge & Release of Liability Agreement prior to boarding the motorcoach. This form will be sent to all registered guests prior to departure.
Please do not return the form to our office. Instead, print it, sign it and give it to your tour director prior to boarding the motorcoach. If you cannot print it or forget it, your tour director will have extras available.

Air Filtration & Additional Cleaning
Our local coach operator, Lux Bus America equips their coaches with MERV 13 air filters which remove respiratory droplets while the entire cabin is exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately 6 times per hour.

Specific protocols will vary from hotel to hotel but in general, rooms, restaurants and other guest areas will be deep-cleaned regularly, with rooms disinfected thoroughly between guests. While rooms may not be serviced during your stay, additional towels or other items you may need are available upon request.

Additional Training
We have enhanced our already high levels of training for our tour directors. These highly trained and knowledgeable individuals have the ability to handle a variety of unexpected situations - including illnesses and emergencies. As always, your tour director is there to remove many of the "touch points" involved in travel including the hotel check-in and expedited entry into restaurants, museums and attractions.

In this ever-changing climate these protocols could require adjustment. Your tour director will advise you of any changes or additions. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. And thank you for your time and commitment to these collective efforts needed to travel together safely and securely.

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