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Activity/Pace Levels

What is the pacing or physical demands on your tours?

Tour pacing and physical demands (walking, stairs, etc.) varies by each tour and we've tried our best to describe within each tour description or itinerary how much walking is involved (ie docent-guided walking tour vs. driving tour or suggesting comfortable walking shoes).  Know that our tours are designed for adults and seniors and therefore the amount of walking and pacing is designed for this age group as well.  At any time you are welcome to opt out of a portion of a tour if you choose not to participate (though no refund or credit can be guaranteed). Regardless of the tour there will always be some level of walking as you enter and exit the destinations/venues we are visiting and some stairs as you enter/exit the motorcoach.

Each multi-day tour is assigned an activity level to assist you in determining the which tour is right for you based on your physical abilities and the pacing you prefer. The designation is located on this website under "Additional Information" for each individual tour and on our detailed color brochures for each tour. 

Tour Activity Levels



Expect little to no walking. Depending on the itinerary details, guests will need to board a motorcoach, boat, or ship. There will be some walking to rooms, cabins or restaurants and general points of interest. A single-day tour to a theatre, or a two-night stay in Laughlin or Las Vegas would be good examples..



Expect minimal walking or walking at a relaxed pace. Activities may include a short walking tour with stops along the way. Guests should be able to climb a set of stairs, walk up or down slight slopes and navigate some uneven ground. Elevators may not be present at all locations. A single-day tour with lunch and a museum visit, or a two-night stay with sightseeing on the Central Coast would be good examples.



Expect a moderate amount of guided walking or walking at your own pace over slightly longer distances, stairs and/or inclines and periods of standing, for example on city walks and/or nature walks, possibly at a higher elevation. There will be time to rest on the motorcoach and between attractions. A single-day tour to the Hollywood Bowl or a festival, or a two-night stay with sightseeing in Yosemite National Park, would be good examples.



Expect extensive walking with intermittent breaks. Numerous steps may be involved, possibly on uneven surfaces or at higher elevations. Expect to walk 3-5 city blocks in a timely fashion or go up a flight of stairs without handrails. Guests should be physically fit with no mobility limitations. If you need wheelchair assistance at the airport, you should not consider a tour of this level. A single-day tour that involves an extensive walking tour at higher elevations, or a 7-day tour with multiple hotels and walking tours, would be good examples.


Tour Pace Levels



Traveling is at a slow pace with ample free time included and generally shorter travel days. Generally, a single-hotel stay. A two-night stay in Laughlin or Las Vegas would be good examples.



Traveling at a leisurely place with mostly planned activities but some free time as well. Generally, one or two hotel stays and slightly longer travel days. A two-night stay with sightseeing on the Central Coast or in Death Valley would be good examples.



The daily pace and timing can fluctuate significantly between longer and shorter travel days, with additional activities possibly occurring in the early morning or at night. Generally, this involves 2 or more hotel stays with a flight involved. A balanced seven-day tour itinerary utilizing 2-3 hotels would be a good example.

On the Go:


Tours are at an active pace with mostly longer travel days. To fully take advantage of all this tour has to offer, guests need to be prepared for full-days with a scheduled program of travel, sightseeing and/or events at a faster pace and longer distances. Limited leisure time (sometimes only in the later evenings). Generally, these tours include a flight and three or more hotel stays.

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